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Cirque du Cercle

Cirque du Cercle is a contemporary circus company founded in 2019, based both in Bristol UK and Sissach, Switzerland. In the UK it is unincorporated, in Switzerland it is organised as a “Verein” (equiva-lent to a CIC in the UK). Falling Down the Rabbit Hole is Cirque du Cercle’s first production.



Pascal Haering

Artist, co-creator and producer

Pascal Häring ( grew up in Switzerland and has been living in Bristol UK for the last 7 years. After graduating with a M.Sc. in physics and 3 years in the electronics industry, he swapped his job for a training hall in January 2010, moved from Switzerland to New Zealand and trained as a circus performer for the next two years. He has performed in many different companies and settings, from small-scale cabarets to commercial musical production. He co-created In Colour, a piece on racism that combines circus with lindyhop. In December 2020, he graduated with an Executive Master in Arts Administration from the University of Zurich.


Esther Fuge

Artist and co-creator

Esther Fuge is a trained dancer (BA London Contemporary Dance School) and circus artist (Nofitstate Circus, Fratellini) from Wales. She specialises in cyr wheel, aerial hoop and hula-hoop and is interested in exploring the kinetic potential of the human body and the relationship between body and objects. She has been a performer since 2014 and has been involved in various community, site-specific and multi-disciplinary projects as co-founder of Splatch Cardiff. She has performed in productions by NoFit State Circus, Welsh National Opera, New Vic Theatre and Circus Mash, amongst others.


Delia Dahinden

Director and co-Creator

Delia Dahinden ( is a theatre, circus and puppetry director from Switzerland. She trained as an actor at the Mimenschule Ilg in Zurich, graduated in German and Spanish literature, and has been a freelance performer and director since 1982. She was an ensemble member at Ringtheater Zurich and founder of Theater RosaLena in 1991. In recent years, she increasingly worked as a director (show development, dramaturgy and realisation) for a wide range of companies and projects. She has been responsible for
many successful productions, and has directed multiple shows
of Zirkus Chnopf and circus artist Jeanine Ebnöther Trott (, amongst others. In 2012 she began to build puppets and continued her professional training in puppetry, object theatre, and puppet making. In 2015 she built the puppets for Mein Name ist Eugen and founded DAKAR Produktion (with Anna Karger and Lukas Roth). She has been teaching flamenco dance since 1990 and works at various drama schools as a lecturer for physical theatre and as a drama teacher.


Creative Team

Music (composition and production): Daniel Hildebrand
Costumes and textile set design: Justine Squire
Lighting design: Antje Brückner

Others involved

Photography: Jordan Fuge, Mina Monsef

Video: Jordan Fuge, Tae Peter

Wooden Props (Chair): Perfect Space Carpentry
Production Assistant: Ziggy Slingsby

Co-production: Zirkusquartier Zurich

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